Making a Book

How do authors and illustrators make the books we read? Every author has his or her own special way of working. Let's take a look at how author/illustrator Kristin Joy Pratt-Serafini creates her stories. The way she works is a little bit different because she both writes and illustrates her books. Let's see how she works!

Choosing a Topic

Choosing a Topic
What am I going to write about? Do I get to choose my subject or is it an assignment?


Researching and Taking Notes
How much do I know about my subject? Am I writing fiction or non-fiction?

Deciding on a Format

Deciding on a Format
Who will read my book? Will it have pictures? How many pages will it have?

Inventing the Characters
Are my characters real or made up? (Or a combination of both?) Do I need models?

Writing & Editing the Manuscript
Am I willing to rewrite and rewrite some more until I have done my best work? Have I double-checked my facts?

Creating the Font
Whose handwriting will work for this book? Will it match the attitude of the story?

Draft Drawings
What does the composition look like? Is there enough room for the text? Are the points of view varied enough to be interesting? What does my art editor have to say about them?

Completing the Final Paintings
Do I have enough watercolor paper? Have I planned enough time to finish all the illustrations in time? Do I have enough reference materials so I can draw all the subjects cocrrectly?

Art Studio
The Art Studio

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