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Journal Writing Tips
Have you ever thought about keeping a journal of your own? Find out how to get started!

Journal Gallery
Need some more inspiration? Take a look at some samples of actual journal pages created by real Planet Scouts.

Meet Kristin Joy Pratt-Serafini
Kristin has written and illustrated four children's books about nature so far. Find out what made her choose her career, and how she got published. If you have already met Kristin, or heard her speak at your school, discover what she is up to now, and what the topic of her next book will be.

Kristin's Favorites
Kristin has visited over 100 elementary schools since becoming a published author. A lot of kids have asked her an awful lot of questions. Click here to learn what Kristin likes to do when she is not writing, and what her favorite ice cream flavors are.

Making a Book
Have you ever wondered how authors and illustrators create the books you read? Maybe you are interested in becoming an author yourself! Follow Kristin from beginning sketches to final drafts as she writes and illustrates one of her books.

This icon indicates a section where you can submit your work to be posted in the Planet Scout Club House for everyone to see.

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