Kristin's Favorites

Home:St. Louis, Missouri USA my dog named Kuma my fish my cats Stanley & Stella
Pets:1 Dog named Kuma, 2 Cats named Stanley and Stella, 5 unnamed Fish
Favorite Ice Cream:Moose Tracks
Ben & Jerry's Aloha Macadamia
Favorite Movie:The Matrix
Favorite Cartoon:Pinky and The Brain
Other Interests:Collecting Orchids
Collecting Children's Books
Knitting Socks
Going to the Movies
Playing Cards with Friends
Favorite Music:Indigo Girls
Sarah McLachlan
Daft Punk
Cyrus Chestnut
Laverne Butler
Favorite Authors:James Joyce
Nick Bantock
Beatrix Potter
Lynne Cherry
Favorite Illustrators:The Dillons
Chris Meyer

Art Studio
The Art Studio

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